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  • Daisy B52 Slingshot RPLDYB52

    Daisy B52 Slingshot

    The Daisy Model B52 Slingshot sends your ammo at high speeds! The flexible wrist support is the key to providing steady and stable support for accurate shots. This wrist support folds away for compact storage. The B52 also features a molded sure-grip...

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  • Daisy F16 Slingshot

    Daisy F16 Slingshot

    The Daisy Model F16 is a tough and durable slingshot with a molded sure-grip handle and a solid steel frame with an extra-wide fork for safety and accuracy. Latex rubber tubing and a durable release pouch round out this awesome slingshot.Features :Latex...

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  • Daisy P51 Slingshot RPLDYP51

    Daisy P51 Slingshot

    The Model P51 Slingshot is Daisys most-advanced slingshot, featuring a top-line, fully-adjustable wrist support with improved angle for stability and extra power, a thick-molded ergonomic handle and surgical latex tubing with rugged release pouch...

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  • Daisy Slingshot Replacement Band RPLDY8172_2

    Daisy Slingshot Replacement Band

    The Daisy PowerLine slingshot replacement band fits all Daisy PowerLine Slingshots, including the F16" B52 and P51. It features tough surgical latex rubber and a durable release pouch.Features :Tough surgical latex rubberDurable release pouch

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