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  • RPLCAL102579

    Caldwell Wind Wizard Ii

    The Caldwell(R) Wind Wizard II has been redesigned to be the best value wind meter on the market and an ideal tool for indicating wind speed. Knowing wind speed gives the shooter the ability to judge shot placement in varying wind conditions. Both...

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    Kestrel 5700 W/ballistics Link Tan

    The Kestrel 5700. This sort of replaced the Sportsman as now a more affordable option. So whats the difference in the 5700 and the Elite Model? The Elite has the proprietary Applied Ballistics software. The 5700 has ballistics software, but its not...

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  • RPLKES0782

    Kestrel Rotating Vane Mnt 5000series

    A lot of thought was put into making this vane mount for the 5000 Kestrel series. Its a simpler design than the last and much more durable. The meter snaps right into it and will mount to any tripod or other 1/4-20 fitted bracket, allowing use of an...

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  • RPLKES0785_2

    Kestrel Usb Data Cable 5000series

    The Kestrel 5000 USB Data Transfer cable is new and improved from the USB cradle that came with the 4000 series. There is no need for a cradle but rather just a cord. With the easy-to-use software, you are able to view the data in a text editor,...

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  • RPLKES0786_2

    Kestrel Usb Link Dongle 5000series

    USB LINK connection. Plugs into Mac/PC. Only for Kestrel 5000 series. You can NOT connect your Kestrel 5000 series to your Mac/PC via bluetooth without this Kestrel LINK Dongle. Unfortunately, you can not just buy a regular LINK dongle as you might...

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