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  • Kbar Gun Tool RPLKBAR1308

    Kbar Gun Tool

    KA-BAR offers more than 100 high-quality knives - tactical and utility - including knives for hunting, sporting, and military.Features :Multiple tools for firearm maintenance

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  • Real Avid Ar15 Tool RPLAVIDAVAR15T_1

    Real Avid Ar15 Tool

    This folding X-Frame tool is clad with G-10 grip plates and is the most capable partner made for the AR15. Its packed with precision-made, mission-specific tools. It removes carbon with ease from 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces, makes repairs,...

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  • Real Avid Gun Tool RPLAVIDAVGTCL211_2

    Real Avid Gun Tool

    We set out to make a gun-specific multi-tool and ended up creating an entire category. This gun tool was designed for those ,Oh, crap, moments - when problems strike and they need to be fixed fast. The Gun Tool can change choke tubes, mount and adjust...

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  • Real Avid Gun Tool Pro For Ar15 RPLAVIDAVGTPROAR_1

    Real Avid Gun Tool Pro For Ar15

    When it comes to keeping your AR15 going bang and getting the most for your buck, Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the clear choice. Thirty-five highly capable tools in a tactical, rugged design work with ease and precision to keep black guns firing reliably and...

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  • Real Avid Pistol Tool RPLAVIDAVPSTL_1

    Real Avid Pistol Tool

    Never before has so much insight been built into a tool that can fit in your mag pouch. The Pistol Tool gives a shooter the ability to maintain, add accessories, and tweak their favorite handgun with easy access to its 19 precision tools. Each tool is...

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