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Bolt Release

  • RPLGGG1030_1

    Gg&g Ben Tact Bolt Release Button

    The GG&G Benelli Tac Pad is manufactured to not rotate as other pads in the market place do. The knurled pad is easy to locate by touch and manipulate, even with a gloved hand. All parts and instructions are included in the Tactical Bolt Release kit...

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  • RPLGGG1756_1

    Gg&g Moss 930 Tact Bolt Release Pad

    The small Mossberg factory button is tough to locate by feel during the high stress encountered in most tactical environments. To improve tactile recognition, GG&G developed an oversize tactical bolt release pad for the Mossberg 930 and 935 shotgun...

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    Troy Ambi Bolt Release Blk

    The Ambidextrous Bolt Release is an indispensable device that easily releases or holds bolt open with one hand to streamline firearm clearing and reloading after a malfunction. By being ambidextrous, this bolt release eliminates hand changeovers...

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